Inside the library with Affluences

The App to access library services

Reserve your seat or appointment in the Library with Affluences.

Download the App for free (from App Store or Google Play) or use the web version on any browser.

  1. Look for the location you need: Central Library, Science Library U2, Medicine Library U8, Chiesa Ospedaliera Study room or Curiosamente (only for cultural events).
  2. Choose from the reservable services: loan, restitution of the books, seats for consultation, taking part in the events. Reserve date and time, writing your email (preferably or, name, and surname.

If you reserve from the App, you immediately receive an email with the reservation number. If you make a reservation from the website, you first need to confirm your reservation.

For the seats, it is necessary to confirm your presence by scanning the QR code at the entrance of the library through the App. If not done in the first hour, the reservation decades and the seat will be considered free and available for a new user.

Book reservation lasts 5 days, then, it will be automatically canceled.

The mail has the number of reservation and is necessary to enter the buildings.