The University of Milano-Bicocca Library supports the university's teaching, research and "third mission" activities: it offers services to its students, manages bibliographic resources for teachers/researchers and organises science outreach events open to the public.

The Library is a centralised structure with three locations: Central Library, Science Library, Medicine Library.

The Historical Archive Hub (PAST) is also located at the Central Library. This contains all the historical archives which the university has acquired through bequests and donations.

The Library is run by the Director, who is supported by an expert team of 40 people. The Library Committee guides the activities of the Library and is representative of the entire academic population.

Innovation, change and improvement are at the heart of the strategy pursued by the Library, which has always worked to develop digital services, expand its collections, foster the relationship with its users and adopt new technological solutions.

In collaboration with the University, the Library has recently strengthened its "public engagement" activities to help students enter the world of work and has launched collaborations with local organisations to involve the general public, thus "opening the doors" of the University.

Library Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart