Leggo anch’io

A university library for young people and children

One of the many initiatives the Library runs to support the university as it pursues its strategic “third mission” objectives is the “Leggo anch’io” [I read too] project, which aims to open up the Library services to children and young people.

“Leggo anch’io” is predominately targeted at the local community and aims to turn the Library into a space – both physical and virtual – where families and young people from the Bicocca area can come together and learn about scientific and cultural topics.

The other target audience of the project is the academic community, as part of the university’s efforts to promote company welfare. It allows lecturers, researchers and employees from the university to open the doors of the Library to their children and grandchildren thanks to a package of services tailored for children and young people.

Children can become interested in and curious towards science and culture in general from a young age, and the university is in a position to provide them with answers that are not superficial but research-based, in easy-to-understand terms. It’s a way for the university to have a tangible impact on the social and cultural development of the community. The Library can make a significant contribution towards this objective, drawing on its cultural traditions, vocation and professional expertise. “Leggo anch’io” is the first step in a new challenge.

The collection

In 2020, the University Library opened a special section for young people and children, with over 400 books and e-books on scientific topics such as chemistry, biology, human sciences and psychology, with language suitable for young readers.

Books in the Children and Young People section are marked with codes starting with B or R and are kept in the Central LIbrary (Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Building U6, second floor).

The books mean that children can discover the mysteries of the stars, be captivated by the evolution of human genetics and understand what emotions are. It’s a wonderful way for them to satisfy their curiosity and answer all those “why” questions clearly and simply. 

The science books targeted at young people are shelved with the general collection because they are also aimed at adults.

Older secondary school pupils can find lots of books which will help them prepare for university admission tests.

Children and young people services

The Library organises a range of events for young people – readings, workshops, exhibitions, concerts etc. – on the same subjects as contemporary adult events, as part of Curiosamente- Cultural events in the Library.

Children and young people up to the age of 16 can sign up for free for a year, picking up a card in their name from the Loans Office at the Central Library.

The card enables them to:

  • access the Library and consult resources
  • take books out on loan
  • access the WiFi network using their log-in details

Users can borrow a maximum of three books for 30 days.

Provided a book has not been reserved by another user, loans can be renewed on Curiosone. Users simply need to log in using the details provided during registration.