Saturday, 20 November 2021

Why do we still need to talk about Patriarchy



Round table with Laura Boella (professor of Moral Philosophy, University of Milan), Carol Gilligan (professor osìf psychology and gender studies, Harvard University), Naomi Snider (psychoanalyst, New York University) Wanda Tomamsi (professor of Philosophy History, University of Verona).

Coordinator of the event Marina Calloni (professor of Political Philosophy, University of Milan- Bicocca)


What are those psychological, social, and cultural mechanisms that allow patriarchy to persist and reproduce itself during millennia, continuing discriminations and gender inequalities, despite the ongoing activism and international women movements and the promotion of laws aiming at equality?

This encounters wants to underline all these issues, starting from the book “Perché il patriarcato persiste?” (Why does patriarchy persist?) written by Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider, known to be the most influential contemporary feminist psychologists. Starting from the primary thesis sustained- according to which patriarchy plays a specific psychological function, imposing us to sacrifice love to hierarchy- will be developed in a debate with the authors and philosophers who have studied the phenomenon for a long time.

In collaboration with Centro di ricerca dipartimentale ADV (Against Domestic Violence)



C. Gilligan e N. Snider, Perché il patriarcato persiste?. Milan, VandA.edizioni, 2021

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