Thursday, 14 October 2021

Triumph of Life

Second appointment with the Grand Silent Film Festival

Grand Silent Film Festival

The University Library hosts the second of a series of cine concerts as part of the initiatives of the Grand Silent Film Festival on Thursday, October 14 at 20.00 at the Guido Martinotti AUDITORIUM of the University of Milan- Bicocca (building U12, Via Vizzola 5, Milan).

On this second appointment, the orchestra is performing for the first time, the music and arrangements composed for this special occasion for piano and string orchestra by Maestro Rossella Spinosa during the projection of the film “The Triumph of Life” (1922).

This silent film is considered a paradox for the Cagliaritan artist Pietro Schiavazzi, who is well known for his «caressing and voluptuous voice» and his aggressive and fiery style. It also represents the only visual evidence of his histrionic talent and a long familiarity with the stage of the famous tenor. 

It’s an authentic rarity, a real gem beside the intrinsic value of the movie.


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Go to the app Affluences and look for “Università Bicocca. Biblioteca di Ateneo- Curiosamente” and click on Prenota and the next turn available to take part in the event.