Saturday, 20 November 2021

Theories and Techniques of Time Travelling


Building U12, Auditorium G. Martinotti (Via Vizzola 5, Milano) | 20.00 H

Book presentation with Luigi Garlaschelli (CIAP), Alessandro Gori (the Sgargabonzi,Minimum Fax), Federico Lai (Linus), Valerio Lundini (Rai2, Rizzoli Lizard), Selena Garau Maher (Linus), Antonio Romano (Mimesis, Bruno Mondadori,Aracne)

With the collaboration of E.D.A.P European Department Android Protection, Art Mall Milano, Galleria Barattolo, Martix, NFT Studio

When can we tell a machine is Alive? Will it be hostile or friendly towards Humanity? Will it experience the loneliness of Uniqueness? These are all legit questions if we take into consideration the great number of electrical devices that today vaunt some sort of Artificial Intelligence, yeti a Time Machine will be necessary to give answers.

It happens that DustyEye has a Cronotransporter (commonly referred to as “Time Machine”) and it uses it to travel in the Future, documenting every travel with commemorative plaques, artifacts, and relics.

Among these testimonials, it’s important to mention Ukron currency, the global currency used starting the first years of XXVI Century, and on the 100 Ukron bills there’s the effigy of N°44 V864.962, the first emotional advanced android (Pescara 2292 - Roma 2379).

N°44 must have played an important role in future History to deserve to be represented on currency, this is the reason why the DustyEye group endeavored in rebuilding its life and works.

With these premises, the Dossier of N°44, First Emotional Advanced Android is born. This is a text that features the collaboration of illustrator Selena Garau Maher and distinguished oustside consultants: Andrea Berneskij, Federico Flai, Luigi Garlaschelli, Michela Giraud, Giorgio Finamore, Abner Hendricaes, Antonio Lucci, Valerio Lundini, Antonio Romano e Alessandro Gori. During the evening it will also be presented the paper edition, produced by Poliniani Editore (Verona), whose profits will be entirely devolved to CICAP to balance the trips done to the scientific method by traveling in Time.


I DOSSIER DI N°44 - primo androide emotivamente avanzato


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