Sunday, 21 November 2021

The planet in front of sustainability challenges

From the reality of Anthropocene to new technologies


Palazzina Appiani (Viale Giorgio Byron 2, Milano) | 11.00 H

Book presentation with Luca Beverina (professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Milan-Bicocca), Gianfranco Pacchioni (professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry, University of Milan-Bicocca).

Moderator Carlo Baroni, Corriere della Sera jounalist

The biggest impact Homo Sapiens has determined on the planet with technological and industrial development has given birth to a new geologic era, the present one, also known as Anthropocene. To guarantee, a balanced future for the 8 billion citizens of the Earth is necessary to use a sustainable approach to make the most of sources and for the social and economic development that needs to be based on clean technologies, new materials, processes able to reduce CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. These are the topics that will be discussed with the authors of three books about sustainability, recently published by Il Mulino Editor.

Moderator of the meeting: Carlo Baroni.



Emilio Padoa-Schioppa, Antropocene. Bologna, Il Mulino, 2021
Luca Beverina, Futuro materiale. Bologna, Il Mulino, 2020
Gianfranco Pacchioni, W la CO2. Bologna, Il Mulino, 2021


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