Saturday, 20 November 2021

Or. Before, during, and after the pandemic


Theater Officina - Via Sant’Erlembaldo 2, Milano | 16.00 H

Reading with Michela Castiglioni (professor of Adult and Elderly Education, University of Milan- Bicocca), Laura Caruso and Barbara Mapelli (Interuniversitary Research Group NUSA- Nuove Soggettività adulte) and Susanna Ronconi (reseracher, Forum Drugs, Group NUSA).

With the collaboration of the Multiuniversitary Research Group NUSA- Nuove Soggettività adulte (new Adult Subjectivities).

The event will focus on the importance of some passages in adult life whose importance to be “protected” pedagogically and educationally has been underlined during the pandemics. This protection is essential to avoid these experiences becoming just crisis and stagnation experiences for adult women and men involved.

Receivers: educators, teachers, health professionals, students, citizens.

Goal: Raising awareness of sector operators and citizens on sensitive topics that have generally been addressed with a prejudiced and stereotyped insight.


Edited by M.Castiglioni, Transiti nell’età adulta. Uno sguardo pedagogico. (Passages in adult life. A pedagogical insight) Pisa, Edizioni ETS, 2021