Wednesday, 06 April 2022

Moral and between partners conflicts

The importance of choices


On Wednesday, April 6 at 16.00 at University Central Library (building U6, Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Milano) there will be an encounter titled “Moral and between partners conflicts. The importance of choices” with Laura Macchi, full professor of General Psychology at University of Milan-Bicocca, and Valerio Capraro, university professor for Middlesex University, who has recently published the novel “ “Ogni scelta che fai” (Every choice you take) (Ed. Mondadori, 2021); this books deal with some of the most recent psychology and moral philosophy research, such as the theory of moral foundations, deontology, and consequentialism, as well as the terror management theory.

Eva,living in a difficult family environment. Pietro, secretly fighting against anxiety. Two complex souls who casually meet at a friend in common's birthday party. Maybe they recognize each other, they are surely helped by a conversation, by a magic word. Their love evolves fastly in a Rome that sometimes has oniric traits and then takes the body of an invincible empire, protected by symbols and metaphors.

Nevertheless, any couple, even one that seems so perfect such as Eva and Pietro’s, walks constantly on the verge of a subtle limit, in a complex balance that looks like the threads of a spiderweb and is made up of choices, crossroads, doubts, secrets told aloud and kept that, day after day determine its survival or condition its end. The young protagonists start a fight facing a choice of moral nature.

“Every choice is a life you choose not to live. Every choice is a part of a dying soul”. With these words, Eva takes the most dramatic choice of her life, trying to solve a moral conflict between two sides of herself and Pietro and herself. Moral multidimensionality creates interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts. What is right? What is wrong? How do we choose between two options that can either be both right or wrong, according to the chosen point of view?

Take part in the event

To take part in the event, use the app Affluences: look for “Università Bicocca. Biblioteca di Ateneo – CuriosaMente”, click on Prenota and on Prossima fascia oraria disponibile.


Based on art. 10 of the new rectoral decree, all the people taking part in it must have reinforced green pass for Covid-19 and wear an FFP2 mask.