Friday, 19 November 2021

To love a mycelium

Natural language and the nature of the language


Book presentation

Building U6, Spazio Agorà (Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Milan)| 17.00 H


With the participation of Ciro Fanelli (author), Claudia Bonsi (professor of Italian linguistics, University of Milan-Bicocca), Rodolfo Gentili (professor of General Botany, University of Milan-Bicocca)


The reading asks questions, opens paths, walks through non-circled woods where is possible to find mushrooms, tods, roots, and insects

This book is an illustrated autofiction about losing and finding oneself in streets that haven’t been drawn yet, with just flora and fauna as a mold to create a possible existential way. It will help the audience to think about the dialectics between human beings and the natural elements.

The narration is a speaker of an inexpressible reality where natural language and the nature of language seem to get confused.

Receivers: all citizens, especially students of Communication, Sociology, Educational Sciences, and Natural Sciences.


C. Fanelli, Nel bosco del nostro splendore. Rome, Rizzoli Lizard, 2018