Thursday, 03 March 2022

Health in mask

Health in mask

Thursday, March 3 at 18.00 Vittorio A. Sironi book “Le maschere della salute. Dal Rinascimento ai tempi del Coronavirus” (Health masks. From Reinassance to Covid times) (Carocci Editore, 2021) will be presented.

Protective masks entered our lives, becoming one visible sign of the emergency connected with Covid-19 pandemics.

They are a fence to avoid being infected and a new clothing item that hides part of our face, making it hard to recognize our identity. These “health masks” have a long history in the medical field and are now instruments of prevention at work and in sports also. Their significance most times goes beyond the simple sanitary and prevention effect, assuming a symbolic relevance with psychological, social, and anthropologic implications.


Maurizio di Girolamo, the principal of the University Library, will introduce the encounter.

The speakers are:

Michele A. Riva, Associate professor of Medical History, University of Milan- Bicocca

Ivan L. Bargna, Principal of the Musial and Artistic Anthropology advanced course, University of Milan- Bicocca

With the participation of the author Vittorio A. Sironi, Principal of the Studies of the biomedical thought Centre (Cespeb), University of Milan-Bicocca.

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