Saturday, 20 November 2021

Great feats in history



Books presentation with Marco Berti (mountaineer and author), Barbara Biscotti (professor of Roman Lae, University of Milan-Bicocca), Franco Cardini (former professor of the Italian Institute of Human Sciences at Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa), Massimo Cultraro (professor of Archeology, University of Palermo), Marina Montesano (professor of Middle Ages History, University of Messina).

The idea is to give, using the presentation of these four books from the collection Grandi imprese della Storia del Corriere della Sera (Great feats in History by Corriere della Sera) to the most widen and not specialized public target, and also through the mediation of distinguished experts, human history and its major events linked to discoveries, explorations, journeys, feats as a propulsive factor to the post-pandemic recovery in a new discovery of the strength of human capabilities and the resilience in front of trials and stress factors, moved by the profound and characteristic desire of human being to go beyond.


Collection “Grandi imprese della Storia” by Corriere della Sera:

  • M. Berti, La conquista dell’Everest. Milan, 2021
  • F. Cardini, La scoperta dell’America. Milan, 2021
  • M. Cultraro, Schliemann alla ricerca di Troia. Milan, 2021
  • M. Montesano, Marco Polo in Oriente. Milan, 2021

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