Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Do you know Primal Pictures?

Discover the most advanced anatomy database

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Primal Pictures is the most complete and advanced database for the study of Human Anatomy and Physiology. It offers an online anatomical atlas with 3D models of anatomical structures, which can be rotated and broken down. There are dissection and MRI images, animations showing muscle movement, and more.

The University Library purchased the general anatomy module and the speciality modules for Dentistry, Dental hygiene, Urology, Pelvic floor disorders. These 4 modules show discipline-specific images in greater detail.

Primal Pictures is a fundamental database for all medical and healthcare graduates, but also for anyone who needs to use a very detailed anatomical atlas. Since it includes magnetic resonance images, it is also suitable for students of medical radiology techniques.

Anatomy and physiology teachers are free to use the images for their lessons.

The latest update is compatible with smartphones and allows images to be included in the e-learning platform.

Discover Primal Pictures!