Friday, 08 October 2021 to Sunday, 17 October 2021

Bicocca Flora

Call to action

Call to action

Gilles Clèment noticed that many different plants, which no one looked after, took shelter in the borders of lake Vassivière and its surrounding; along the streets and all those “undecided spaces” without any function.

He called these fragments of nature “The Third Landscape” which means a hybrid space where Nature finds new places to colonize following its traveling disposition, like the botanist Vito Mancuso would have said.

The University Library invites all the academic community and the citizens to find and photograph all the third landscapes present in the Bicocca district on this occasion of the photo exhibition Third Landscape, which will take place in October at the University Central Library).

Bicocca district is a place where it seems like a project has kidnapped Nature and where you can find little details like small outposts- the signs of a city that preserves its connection with Nature.

We ask you to take some pictures of it and give us your interpretation of a wild Bicocca that reminds us of a not too far time when it was just fields and irrigation ditches.

You will help us build a shared speech which we will show on Wednesday, October 20.

We ask you to send your pictures with a title by October 17 at: