Better alone?

Talks on love and relationships, starting by ourselves
Talks on love and relationships, starting by ourselves

After one century from the first International women’s rights Day celebration in Italy, how free are women from social conditioning in their relationship with themselves and the others? How can the female models daily broadcasted by media have an impact on couples’ relationships? How come so many women are stuck in toxic relationships and have a hard time fleeing them? Why are single women generally happier than married ones?

You will find the answers to these and other questions in the event titled “Meglio sola? Discorsi sull’amore e le relazioni, partendo da sé”( Better alone? Talks on love and relationships, starting by ourselves)- organized by the University Library, with the collaboration of ABCD, the interdepartmental Center for Gender Studies of the University of Milan-Bicocca- that will be held on Thursday, March 10, 2022, at 17.30 at Central University Library (Edificio U6 Agorà, Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Milano).

The meeting will be an occasion to deepen on the psychological and social field some of the themes that are dealt with irony and in an autobiographical way in the book “Amorologia. Guida (quasi) imparziale alle relazioni e al sesso” (amorology, a semi impartial guide to relationships and sex) by Teresa Cinque (Longanesi,2022), starting by her monologue.

Elisabetta Camussi and Laura Terzera, professors at the University of Milan-Bicocca and part of ABCD, will dialogue with the author.

Journalist Corinna de Cesare will guide the dialogue.

Brief profile of the protagonists of the event

Elisabetta Camussi psychologist and Associate Professor of Social Psychology at University of Milan-Bicocca, coordinator of the Comitato Pari Opportunità (CPO) of the Order of the Psychologists of Lombardy and part of the Comitato Pari Opportunità Nazionale, at CNOP(National Council of the Psychologists); she’s been part of the “Committee of experts in economic and social field” guided by Colao, coordinating the GdL “Individuals, family and society”; in 2021 she’s been given by the President of the Republic, the honor of Official of the order “ To the merit of the Italian Republic”


Teresa Cinque, pen name of Elisa Giannini, is well known for her ironic and satirical monologs on love and relationships in a feministic way. She uses different media like writing, videos, art installations, performing, and theater; she also has a rubric on the 27ma ora of Corriere della Sera titled Male Dette Parole. Recently, she has pubblished the book“Amorologia. Guida (quasi) imparziale alle relazioni e al sesso” (Longanesi, 2022).


Corinna De Cesare, a journalist for Corriere della Sera for 15 years; created the newsletter “thePeriod” a through her social she analyses through feminist eyes newspapers and media. Her podcast“Notizie da Femminucce”, a daily feminist press review, has been for four weeks in the Apple Podcats top ten.


Laura Terzera, Professor of Demographics at the Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods at the University of Milan-Bicocca; her principal research interests are international migrations, gender dimension, social inequalities; she’s the author of various publishings regarding international mobility and the vice-chief of ABCD.

To Participate

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We remind the public that due to the art.10 of the new rector decree, to take part in the events inside the university, external users will necessarily have the super Green Pass Covid-19 and have an FFP2 mask.