Friday, 19 November 2021

Backward and forwards


Book presentation

Teather Filodrammatici di Milano (via Filodrammatici 1, Milano) | 18.30 H

With the participation of Emanuela Mancino (author), Tommaso Amadio (Artistic co-director of Teatro dei Filodrammatici di Milano)

This encounter was inspired by the presentation of two books that deal with the relationship between dresses, fabric, patterns, and personal existences, along with collective stories. These books will be the pretext and the narrative graft for an encounter that will walk through the ways we lived in the spaces, the way we are lived by them, and how we have habits, we use or stop using costumes, styles, thoughts, feelings


E. Mancino, IL FILO NASCOSTO. Gli abiti come parole del nostro discorso col mondo. Milan, FrancoAngeli, 2021
a cura di E. Mancino, TRAME SOTTILI. Voci diverse per un vestiario sentimentale. Milan, FrancoAngeli, 2021