Monday, 07 March 2022

ASTM Compass database membership activated

The University Library has started the membership to ASTM Compass database

astm compass

ATM Compass is the American Society for Testing and Materials website. The membership includes more than 12.500 standards, 123.000 pages of published articles on the ASTM magazines, 1.550 ebooks, 29.000 technical papers, the history of more than 40.000 standards, and conference papers. It deals with all the information engineering,it also comprises the aerospatial, chemistry, urban, environmental, geological, health and safety, mechanics, nuclear, petroleum, soil science, and solar engineering fields.

All the contents are available through one research platform that allows the user to add notes, images, underline with different colors the text of the norms he’s interested in, and share the work with more groups.

The website is available from the University net, it’s possible to subscribe to the website to access various personalized services such as bookmarks, saved research, annotated standards with notes or personal comments, creation of groups.

In the Help section of ASTM Compass, videos that show all the functions are available.


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