Services during COVID-19


As of 26 April 2021, all sites are open:

  • between Monday and Thrsday from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM
  • on Friday from 9:AM to 6:30 PM.

Masks are compulsory and all visitors must use the hand sanitiser at the entrances.

Reading rooms

The reading rooms are open with reduced capacity in order to enable social distancing.

You will only be able to access the reading rooms at the three campuses provided you have pre-booked a space for a certain number of hours via the Affluences app.

All individuals must check-in via the Affluences app using the QR Code at the entrance to the library. If you don't check-in during the first hour, your booking will be cancelled and your space will be freed up for use by another user.

Masks are compulsory and all visitors must use the hand sanitiser at the entrances. 

To ensure the safety of all, please disinfect your station before you start working using the disinfectant and cloths provided.

Pre-booked book loans

Want to borrow a book or magazine? 

  1. Search for a book or magazine in the Curiosone catalogue, authenticate yourself and make a booking (see the “How to reserve a book on Curiosone” tutorial. You’ll have ten days to come and collect your book or magazine.
  2. Wait for a confirmation email from the library containing a link via which you can book a slot on the Affluences app
  3. Read the safety instructions before coming to the university.
  4. At the Main Campus, reserved books are kept in a special area and users can use the self-service borrowing points. The library staff will deal with reserved book loans at the Science and Medicine Campuses.

Book return

Want to return a book

  1. Book a slot on the Affluences app 
  2. Read the safety instructions before coming to the university.
  3. The outside box can be used at the Main and Medicine Campuses. At the Science Campus, book returns are done in the library during the opening hours and using the box at the reception desk at other times.

Inter-library services

Inter-library and document supply services are active at this time. These enable you to access books or copies of articles which are not present in the university library but are present in other libraries.

You can make a request by writing to

Online assistance and services

You can use the Curiosone catalogue to consult e-books, electronic magazines and databases, which are useful for carrying out bibliographic searches on specific topics and for consulting data.

Watch the Biblio e-Learning tutorials for more information on getting the best out of the library's services and resources.

If you have any queries, please write to