Sunday, 21 November 2021

Theatrical performance “Controra”

Stories of women in a stuck time


Theatrical performance

Building U12, Auditorium G. Martinotti (Via Vizzola 5, Milano) | 16.00 H

Written and directed by Susy Longoni

Theater company bovisateatroMilano

Actors: Alessandro PietraAmedeo GaristoGiancarla VenturelliPeppa SilicatiRosi GesualdiSerena DoniselliSusy Longoni

Sound and audio recordings: Manuel Giammaria

Costume and props: Giancarla Venturelli

The theatrical performance Controra is freely inspired by Doc. Marialisa Rizzo’s doctoral thesis. Doc Rizzo interviewed three different generations of women – grandmother, daughters, and granddaughters-originally from Puglia, who migrated to the North of Italy in the 50s and 60s of the 20th Century. The stories told are educational, about migration, and about generational differences.

The theater company Bovisateatro, through a theater lab, developed these topics and Susy Longoni, the director, created the text.

Controra is that period that follows lunch and when people rest without doing anything. The plot winds along with contrasts and memories of three different generations, of men and women: feelings for their original place and the place their living at the moment, towards gender difference, work, family, immigration find a place in everyday life. But from Controra and an unexpected ending, a sneaky and dangerous read thread that unites these women and tied them up to nowadays violence, will be born.

This tread will also note the persistence of male supremacy.

The play shows the courage of all women, migrants, and descendants of migrants: from grandmothers and daughters who arrived from the south, the granddaughters, the new migrants who come from abroad. Far from gender equality, women keep on acting and are acted on in a stuck time, in a neverending Controra.


M. Rizzo, Tre generazioni di donne tra qui e altrove. Uno sguardo pedagogico alla grande migrazione interna italiana. Milan, FrancoAngeli, 2021

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