Friday, 19 November 2021

Social pedagogy and minors’ rights in Milan at the beginning of Nineteenth Century


Book presentation


With the participation of Gabriella Seveso (professor of Pedagogy History, University of Milan-Bicocca), Luca Comerio (professor of Pedagogy History, University of Milan-Bicocca), Rossella Raimondo (professor of Pedagogy History, University of Bologna)

This event was designed for students, professors, educators, scholars, and the citizens and wants to present the book “La pedagogia sociale di Alessandrina Ravizza fra Otto e Novecento” (Alessandrina Ravizza’s social pedagogy between the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century). It will also be presented the complete text of “I miei ladruncoli e altre pagine di vita vera” (My tiny thieves and other real-life pages) by Rossella Raimondo.

Starting with the figure of Alessandrina Ravizza, it will possible to ponder on the associations and figures that initiated an intense debate and important initiatives regarding minors’ rights in Nineteenth-Century Milan.

It was in that period that the city faced a particular vivacity in promoting the rights of education, health and wellbeing, outdoor school, and job placement of children and kids. A reflection on these initiatives shows how one century ago was already present a sensitivity and an approach that is still existing. This will help us to face, with a deeper understanding, the problems daily reality gives us.


Rossella Raimondo, La pedagogia sociale di Alessandrina Ravizza fra Otto e Novecento. Roma, Coracci, 2020

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