Saturday, 20 November 2021

Children’s rights for the coming times


Round table

Building U6 Agorà, Aula Martini (Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Milano) | 11.30 H

With the participation of Mario Turci (Anthropologist and Director of Foundation Museo Ettore Guatelli), Mario Calidoni (former Scholastic Head and Consultant for Istituto A. Cervi), Monica Guerra (professor of General and Social Pedagogy, University of Milan- Bicocca), Daniela Villa (Politecnico of Milan), Franca Zuccoli (professor of Didactics and Special Pedagogy, University of Milan- Bicocca)

This eventi is presented on the special occasion of the closure of Festival “Il Diritto di Essere Bambini”2021 (The Right to be Kids), to remind of International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The decalogue of natural rights of kids by Gianfranco Zavalloni is both a life proposal and a critic to those excesses of modernity connected to the logic of consumerism and not to the experience of a sincere relationship with ourselves, with the others, the nature, and the environment.

The ten points path guides us in those spaces where there’s a poetic point of view of the world, that comes naturally in every kid and is inborn in every human being.

To see the world with a poetic point of view may signify, to be able to catch and experiment the essence of its soul better say “to be touched by the closeness of “the essence of things” (M. Heidegger) and the closeness to the essence of things is where the nuances and the emotion resides. Every right of the decalogue has been read and interpreted by contemporary authors who tried to give every single one a new voice by connecting before to after, to the future we’re building together.



Gianfranco Zavalloni, “I diritti naturali di bimbe e bimbi”. “Un manifesto”, edited by Mario Turci, casa editrice Fulmino