Saturday, 19 March 2022

Animated reading from “The Strange Stories of Tomi Ungerer”

Flix, Racine and Daddy Sgnak

Flix, Racine and Daddy Sgnak

Animated readings for children are coming back on Saturday, March 19, 2022, at 10.30 at University Central Library (Edificio U6 Agorà, Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Milano).

Martino Negri, professor of Childhood Literature and Literature didactics at University of the Studies of Milan-Bicocca, and Federica Gardella, a teacher at Bicocca Childhood School, will read “The Strange Stories of Tomi Ungerer: Flix, Racine, and Daddy Sgnak”

Kitten with a passion for pugs and unexpected births, lovely and naive scholars, carnivorous plant trainers, and unstoppable rascals. These are just some of the very particular characters that live through the pages of Tomi Ungerer’s illustrated albums: improbable and funny stories, sometimes moving, where lightheartedness and the pleasure of invention-visual and narrative- are serving the reader and its enchantment, also becoming an occasion for thoughts and deepness, such as in the case of Flix, who talks about diversity and integration, family, society, endeavor, and love: and he does it with a revealing and cathartic power of imagination and laughter. Whether short or long, Ungerer’s stories are always bizarre, funny, and whimsical (especially for adults) and put together the mastery of the consumed narrator and the expertise of the most talented artist.

Books that are going to be read:

•T. Ungerer, Flix, Cameltoe, 2021

•T. Ungerer, The animal of monsieur Racine, Nord-Sud, 2009

•T. Ungerer, Daddy Sgnakand his favorit strange stories, the game of reading, 2008.


The animated reading targets kids from primary and elementary school.

We remind the users that until children turn 12, they don’t need the green pass to enter the university.


To take part in it, use the app Affluences: look for “Università Bicocca. Biblioteca di Ateneo– CuriosaMente”, click on Prenota, Leggo anch'io and on Prossima fascia oraria disponibile.