Thursday, 18 November 2021

“Once upon a time a little girl…”

Poetics and pragmatics of educational insight



Building U6 AGORÀ, Aula Martini (Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Milano) + LIVE STREAMING | 10.30 a.m

With the participation of Laura Formenti (professor of general and social Pedagogics, University of Milan – Bicocca), Martino Negri (professor of Pedagogics History, University of Milan-Bicocca) Andrea Prandin (educationalist), Silvia Luraschi (professor of Education Sciences an Communication, Univeristy of Milan-Bicocca), Paolo CesariFausta Orecchio (graphics).

Illustrated books attract, seduce, and throw the reader in a generative confusion, leaving indelible traces of profound comprehension.

Defining these books “just for kids” is reductive: their esthetic-poetic language has always nurtured the insights and practices of educators, teachers and parents, just like we would like to tell and make live during this seminar round table.

The small big Illustrated book “Love” will be the perfect excuse for a shared conversation coordinated by Laura Formenti, along with small Visio-esthetic exercises for the audience, guided by:

-Martino Negri, Univerisity researcher who profoundly knows this kind of text and teaches Literature for Childhood in the Primary Formation degree;

-Andrea Pradin, collaborator of the Human Sciences for Formation Department,

educationalist and counselor, author of illustrated books who uses these tiny poetical masterpieces with educators and treatment professionals;

-Silvia Luraschi, systemic counselor and critic-esthetic researcher, who will offer the audience the “animated reading” of the text;

-Fausta Orecchio e Paolo Cesari of Orecchio Acerbo publishing house. They will talk about the editorial project and the reception of a larger audience for this particular text and this literary genre.



Lowell A. Siff, (illustrations G.Vanni), Love. Rome, Orecchio Acerbo, 2019 (and other similar illustrated books)

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