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Finding material

The Library has opted for an open-shelf system, which enables users to find their way among the library's holdings without assistance.
To find a document, users must first find the shelfmark in the OPAC, then figure out on which floor the document is stored.

What you can find on each floor

On floor II you can find:
- all the current journals (2007-2008), plus the back volumes of Law, Psychology and Education Science journals; - all the books whose shelfmarks begin with the following letters:
a) CDD (Classificazione Decimale Dewey = Dewey Decimal Classification or DDC, for books on various subjects), from 000 to 699, divided in cells which go from A to L;
b) 8L followed by a number (e.g.: 8L.370.11.CAL2.01), grouped together and in the same succession as the CDD books;
c) TESTO (exam textbooks) and CONS (reference material, such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias etc.)
d) All the personal funds: CHN (Chiancone fund), GDR (Guido De Rossi fund), SCA (Scarpelli fund), MAI (Mainardi fund), MUS (Musatti fund).
e) The "BICOCCA PER LA PACE" fund, books and journals on peace, war, and alternative lifestyles.

On floor III you can find:
- the back volumes (prior to 2007 and 2008) of Computer Science, Mathematics, Sociology, Statistics journals;
- statistics and LABSMA (statistical data from the main Italian cities);
- all the books whose shelfmarks begin with the following letters ("Old shelfmarks"): G2 (Law), EC (Economy), 16L (Psychology) e 8L followed by a letter (Education Science). These shelfmarks were created prior to the adoption of DDC in 1999;
- CDD books from 700 to 999.
Please note that on floor III you can also find business budgets and ancient books, which do not appear in the OPAC.
N. B.: journals published before 1990 are in closed stacks. If you wish to consult them, just ask the Loans Office .

Map of floor II and III
Shelving Criteria for Books and Journals

Journals are subdivided by subject, then by year (current or back volumes), and arranged in alphabetical order.
The shelfmark which appears in the OPAC is made up of Subject + a number. For instance: Diritto 016.
To find the journal, you must first find the shelves which correspond to the subject and the year (current or past), then look for the journal by title (in alphabetical order), neglecting the shelfmark number.
For current journals, please remember that only the latest issue is displayed on the shelf; the previous ones are behind the display stand.

The books on floor II are all arranged by subject according to Dewey's Decimal Classification, the most used classification system in the world.
The shelfmark is made up of figures (each figure corresponding to a definite topic within a subject), of letters (standing for author and title), and of the publication year.
To search the shelves, you must follow first the arithmetical order and then the alphabetical order. Please remember that figures must be read one by one, as in the alphabetical order of a dictionary, and not in a sequence, as if they made up a single number.
For instance, books on a shelf will be arranged in the following order: 342, 342.015, 342.01568372, 342.1294.

For further information you can ask the library staff, especially the aide students, who can be recognised by their name badge.

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